how to add virtual border around image?
  • When using the Media button to insert a left-aligned image, how do I add a buffer of a few pixels so that my wraparound text does not bang right up against the image?

    I'm sure this is documented somewhere - I just couldn't find it. Appreciate any pointers. Thanks.
  • Daniel JalkutDaniel Jalkut
    Accepted Answer
    Hi there - unfortunately this is not really documented anywhere. Also unfortunately, you do need to add custom "style" macros to MarsEdit to get the effect you're looking for.

    For example:

    1. Open Window -> Media Manager
    2. Select an image from "On Your Mac"
    3. Select the "Style" popup and choose "Customize..."
    4. Add a new item called e.g. "Left With Padding"
    5. Paste in for the "Opening Markup":

    <img src=\"#fileurl#\" alt=\"#alttext#\" title=\"#displayname#\" border=\"0\" width=\"#imgwidth#\" height=\"#imgheight#\" style=\"float:left; padding-right:1em; padding-bottom:1em;\">

    This will give you a style that you can use whenever you want the given HTML above to be used in inserting an image.

    I know this is not intuitive and a nuisance to set up but hopefully it will make the app more useful for you until I get a chance to add more advanced image layout functionality.

  • Thanks for the quick and informative response. I've created this custom Style, just as you suggested. Can I apply it as an edit to an already-published blog post? I opened the post with Edit Post, but don't see a way to apply a Style.

    Or can a Style only be applied when an image is being inserted for the first time?

  • In case other folks come across this thread, I ended up answering unshod's question in this other thread:
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