Defining and Using Custom Fields
  • I'm using the All In One SEO Pack Pro plugin for WordPress.
    I've asked their tech folks if I could use MarsEdit to write my posts and still have it processed through their software. They said 'yes' and showed me how to expose some hidden custom fields to MarsEdit:
    _aioseop_title - The title
    _aioseop_description - The description
    _aioseop_keywords - The keywords

    title, description and keywords should have corresponding variables with Labels in MarsEdit.
    Using the Custom Fields utility (MarsEdit Label :: Server Custom Field Name), how do I set this up? Where is the documentation for the labels of the MarsEdit fields?

  • Hi Mark - I don't think it's specifically documented. The custom fields are set up in MarsEdit's per-blog settings. To open the blog settings in MarsEdit, open the Main Window, and find your blog in the list on the left side of the window. Double-click the blog icon to open the settings window.

    You'll find the option to add custom field definitions under the "Custom Fields" tab.

    Let me know if I can further clarify anything about how to add the custom field definitions.

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