Comments on: Another UI Bites the Dust Official blog of Red Sweater Software Fri, 09 Oct 2015 20:11:22 +0000 hourly 1 By: Daniel Jalkut Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:56:14 +0000 Taybin: I think the ideal solution for the Mac is to release a fully formed product early and often.

In other words, instead of aiming for a 3.0 product and hashing through a million public 0.x releases, just aim for a simpler 1.0 and get it right.

This is an area where I think Mac and Unix/OpenSource type development teams could learn from each other. The attitude I sometimes encounter in the Unix world seems to be that it’s OK to add half-features because they will get sorted eventually. Of course, half-completed things generally stay that way forever.

By: Taybin Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:48:26 +0000 I hate to join the conversation almost a year later, but I think one issue is a cultural difference. If you come from a linux/open source background, release early/release often makes a lot of sense. They want comments like yours (especially at 0.51).

It seems on the mac platform, many users want indie software presented fully formed, like how Apple presents their software.

(Coming from linux/oss myself, this is an urge I’m fighting against. I have this huge desire to show off Gusto even though it’s nowhere near done. I’m thinking of trying to get the “best” of both worlds with a large, private alpha test group.

By: Conor Dearden Sat, 01 Jul 2006 16:10:53 +0000 The link to the applications folder is great, but I find internet enabled disk images better for most users. Especially when you have one single application or folder that needs dragging; like Meetro. Let Safari do the hard work of mounting, copying, ejecting and deleting the disk image. For users that don’t have open safe files enabled or use Firefox you can add the nice background graphic with instructions. Like many things in life it depends on your audience, but I find that internet enabled disk images are few and far between and few developers take advantage of them.

By: Rainer Brockerhoff Mon, 19 Jun 2006 12:15:54 +0000 Thanks Daniel, these UI discussion are always very inspiring. Do more! :-)
FWIW, I remember chancing upon symlinking to /Applications in 2003 (for XRay 1.0). When did Fetch start using this?

By: Kevin Ballard Fri, 16 Jun 2006 09:51:27 +0000 Just to note, “Open drawer profile” is actually exactly what it meant to say. It’s confusing, but it’s accurate. What it does is opens the profile for the user currently displayed in the drawer (said drawer opens when you select someone).

By: Jonathan Wight Fri, 16 Jun 2006 03:09:31 +0000 I think Blake is getting pushed too hard at his new gig…

By: Blake Seely Thu, 15 Jun 2006 21:34:40 +0000 From now on, I will refrain from using exclamation points, but instead describe my excitement with a “Bang Number” – because it sounds great and has a hilarious sexual innuendo. When it catches on (and I know it will), I will tell everybody that it originated here.

(I’m at least two-bang excited to post here right now and take some time away from Xcode.)

(I’m THREE-BANG excited about Red-Sweater Blob.)


By: Daniel Jalkut Thu, 15 Jun 2006 20:28:27 +0000 Andy: Great points all around. I’m glad you summarized some of the problems with the main UI because I’m sure I would have rambled on and on if I tried.

Yeah I sort of snuck the redesign in and meant to write an entry about it, especially about how Python/NodeBox facilitated the creative effort. But I haven’t gotten around to it. Thanks for the feedback about the “blob” … funny, if it was mistakeable for any other word I’d probably be more inspired to fix it. I kind of like the notion of it being a blob :)

By: Andy Kim Thu, 15 Jun 2006 20:22:07 +0000 More random oddities about the Meetro Mac client.

– Keyboard shortcut for zooming in windows: Command-+
– Preferences item in the menus, but disabled. Why have it at all if the user can\’t choose it?
– The main window title shows the version #.
– Horrible use of fonts. Too small
– Consistently lacks whitespace in the UI. Combined with the small fonts, this app is a real headache-inducer.
– The logo at the top of the window is taking up precious screen real estate without serving a useful purpose. Considering their hate of whitespace, it almost seems like they\’ve planned to use that space for something else. Ads?

I\’m stopping because I could go on forever with this thing. But, the weirdest thing is that there\’s a dedicated section in the contact list for people associated with Meetro called MeetroHQ. Yes, you guys are cool because you made this thing, but I want to take you off the list and can\’t.

Apparently this is a barely working version that they decided to ship (duh, version 0.51). The bad UI decisions run so deep though, I wonder if the guys at Meetro have the aesthetical senses to even realize what\’s wrong with it. Looking at this gives me the goose bumps because it reminds me of the Windows AIM client. I thought Web 2.0 companies were Mac savvy by definition. Very strange. At least it mostly works, and that will be all that matters for a lot of people.

P.S. Daniel, I didn\’t realize that you had a new look to the blog since I read it mostly in NNW. Cool design! I\’m loving it. Just one minor quibble: the high position of the g in blog at the header makes it look like a B. Red Sweater Blob :)

By: Daniel Jalkut Thu, 15 Jun 2006 19:07:29 +0000 Michel: great observation – and it’s possible that language issues might be a factor, even though the company is located in Palo Alto. By the way I visited your site and the French/English toggle is very slick. I especially like how you worked it out so that French and English comments would reside separately. Now that’s an example of some stellar web UI. Great work!

Johannes: interesting trivia, and somebody on IRC also mentioned the same thing to me. Thanks for sharing it publicly.