Black Ink 1.3 Beta

February 4th, 2011

The success of Black Ink on the Mac App Store has motivated me to get busy working on a number of improvements I have been planning for some time but just hadn’t found time to do.

The big deal in 1.3 is that I added support for a different format of puzzle that opens up Black Ink to a number of new sources for more solving fun.

Because I don’t have a strong, established beta testing group for Black Ink, I’m opening this up as a public beta to get any bugs ironed out before it goes public for the Mac App Store and direct-purchase customers. If you’d like to test out, just download and give it a spin!

Download Black Ink 1.3b1

Be sure to drop me a line if you run into any problems, but also if you are interested in being part of a more permanent Black Ink beta testing group. I’m going to try to get organized for future, private testing rounds.

A round-up of the changes to expect in this release:

Black Ink 1.3b1

  • New web puzzle sources
    • LA Times Daily & Sunday
    • Newsday
    • USA Today
    • Universal
  • Rework the Startup preferences to be more user-friendly with reopening puzzles
  • Give keyboard shortcut Cmd-K to “Check Current Letter”
  • Now includes automatic crash reporter
  • Fix a bug that caused Black Ink to hang when printing on rare occasions
  • Fix a bug that caused puzzle timer to be placed off screen edge
  • Fix a bug that could prevent puzzle solving menu items from being enabled
  • Fix a bug that prevented canceling a stalled puzzle download from working

Known Issues

  • Encoding issues with Newsday 2/4/11 characters
  • Documentation not updated to reflect reworked startup preferences
  • Puzzle icons in startup window get smaller if window closed and reopened
  • Newsday, USA Today, and Universal have generic icons for now


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