FlexTime In The Mac App Store

February 16th, 2011

Apple has approved FlexTime for the Mac App Store, where it is now available for purchase. As with my other App Store offerings, Black Ink and MarsEdit, customers are invited to purchase through Apple’s store or through my own. All of my apps are functionally identical, except for in the areas of license management and software update, where Apple’s integrated processes take the place of my home-grown stuff.

The review process for FlexTime was quite long, but I have to hand it to Apple’s reviewers. They found a really bogus bug in the application that would have been embarrassing had it passed their scrutiny and reached the public. It was an issue I introduced in the process of modernizing the code for the store. This is the way I imagined the review process working at my most optimistic, so I’m glad to see that it can work out that way.

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