Relaunch 1.3.4

October 23rd, 2006

Relaunch is a nifty application that lends itself toward structuring your time into working “modes.” It lets you save a snapshot of your running applications at any time, and save it for later restoration. So you could keep Relaunch documents around for “Work,” “Composing Music,” etc. It even has a nifty auto-snapshot feature that will keep track of your running applications on an ongoing basis, automatically storing the details into timestamped files. I’m not sure how useful this is, but it’s kind of cool to think that you could go back and see “what was I running last Tuesday at 3:00 PM?”

Relaunch also supports, for a limited number of applications, the ability to automatically reopen all the documents you were working on in that application. As of version 1.3.4, FlexTime is among the applications with this support! So now you can use Relaunch in conjunction with FlexTime to really add structure to your day.

This application has a lot in common with the “Focus” idea I blogged about recently. The fact that the author is using AppleScript to support integration with other applications is a really good indicator that we’ll see this product evolve in remarkable ways.

3 Responses to “Relaunch 1.3.4”

  1. AJ Says:

    Well if they can find a way to remember all the open tabs in Safari and it takes snapshots, that will be great for the occasions when Safari crashes and I can’t remember all the links I had open, which had not yet been bookmarked.

  2. Richy Says:

    Hi AJ, I’d love to be able to get Safari (and Camino) to do that, I just can’t at the moment figure out how to do it through AppleScript. Well, one way involves simulating option-t and flipping through the tags, but that’s clunky, unreliable and just looks plain weird (and annoying) from a UI perspective. I’m still looking for a way and should I find one it’ll be included ASAP :)

    Oh, and by way of clarification the AutoSnapshot feature, takes a kind of running snapshot every couple of minutes or so, the idea being that should your mac reboot for whatever reason, or there’s a power cut it’ll start you back up where you left off.

  3. John Muir Says:

    The Safari tab retention thing is why I’m giving Firefox 2 a chance just now, after years away from any browser besides beloved Safari. My return is thanks to plug-ins like Google Browser Sync, which is just plain essential the way I keep tabs around!

    If Apple opens up Safari to plug-ins someday, I’ll be pleased to see it as some things are just better in Safari. But I reckon Google will get Sync running on it before any hell freezing over scenario such as that, via SIMBL and the kind of inventiveness on show in everyone’s favourite Safari add-on: Pith Helmet.

    With a few extensions and a good skin, I have Firefox looking and behaving much more Mac-like than its default, and with less RAM consumption on my machine than Safari. But I know where “home” is…

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