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I’m an ex-Blogo user which very sadly seems to have finally died. Am now switching to Mars Edit. I think you’ve been asked this before elsewhere but there is one feature that I am really missing: when you insert or drag an image into a post, Blogo was automatically able to resize it to a (preference defined size) thumbnail, upload that AND the original image at full 1600px width and link the thumbnail to the 1600px hi-res image in the post. (ie. default behaviour of any image that was inserted was a tick box ticked to say “Link to full size image”). I used this to allow simple hi-res image links as it was super quick and required no resizing or separate uploads. I’m using Blogger. Is there any plan to implement a feature similar to this in Mars Edit?
Thanks, Ian

By: Daniel Jalkut Sat, 21 Apr 2012 14:57:11 +0000 Hi Maria – let me get straight to the point here: No, MarsEdit doesn’t yet offer a feature to reliably archive all of your posts offline.

The reason it doesn’t offer this is somewhat more complicated than it might appear, and it contributes to the reason it’s been two years since we spoke about it, and yet the feature still isn’t there. The problem is rooted in the fact that most APIs, including the API for WordPress, which is the most popular blog system among my users, don’t offer a means of reliably, efficiently downloading the entire contents of a blog.

When you speak of ecto supporting a feature like this, it deserves three important caveats:

1. You must set the “number of posts” to download very high on the first use, e.g. if you have 500 posts on your blog you must set it to 500 to make sure you get them all.

2. Setting the number very high has a good probability of causing errors on your web server, leading to confusing errors during the refresh.

3. For any reasonable use of the app going forward, you have to change the number of posts back down to a reasonable number like 50. You can leave it at 500 but refreshes will always be very slow, and as soon as you have 501 posts, you’ll be missing some of the content.

The behaviors of Ecto and MarsEdit are very similar in most regards, with a key distinction being that when you refresh in MarsEdit, it always wipes out whatever you’ve got and restores the list with the exact posts that you just asked it download. The reasoning here is I don’t want customers to end up with stale copies of posts… if you change the number of posts to download from 500 to 50, then only the most recent 50 would be updated, leaving 450 “stale” posts that may not reflect the server accurately. Ecto does allow the stale items to remain, and addresses this risk to some extent by doing a comparison at publish time to try to prevent updating a post with stale content.

In the future, I’m hoping that a combination of improvements to APIs and some clever tricks I can do will make it possible to support something that reasonably approximates the feature you’re looking for, but the reason I haven’t done it yet is “it’s complicated.”

I hope this puts the shortcoming into some perspective at least.

By: Maria Sat, 21 Apr 2012 13:24:13 +0000 Silly me. I thought I was posting my comment on someone else’s blog — not the MarsEdit site. That’s what I get for commenting before my first cup of coffee.

But my question stands: have you added the ability to store all blog posts in an internal database that can be referred to offline? That’s the feature I need to switch to MarsEdit.

By: Maria Sat, 21 Apr 2012 13:21:29 +0000 I’ve tried MarsEdit again and again, but it simply does not have the rich feature set I found in ecto, which is (sadly) no longer supported by its developer. The key feature of ecto that I like is the ability to load ALL WordPress posts from my blog into an internal database, making it very easy to link to any of my other posts — or copy content from them — while composing offline. This feature also gives me an offline database of all 2000+ posts on my blog that’s much easier to search than with WordPress, making it a great tool for looking up things I’ve written about in the past.

I contacted the makers of MarsEdit to request this feature and they said they’d consider it. That was at least two years ago. Have the added it with this release? Frankly, for me, it’s not worth installing and trying it yet again unless they have.

I know MarsEdit has lots of fans, but I really believe that’s simply because so few people have heard of ecto. Now, of course, I can’t recommend ecto; it works with Lion and I’ve had it working with Mountain Lion, but how long before it breaks and won’t be fixed. That’ll be a very disappointing day for me.