Thursday Randomness

March 1st, 2007

Guy English, a developer for Rogue Amoeba kicked off a new Mac development blog this week. Whoo! Looks like a nice addition to the Cocoa Blogs landscape.

A couple Stanford students run this entrepreneurship podcast. Looks like a good addition to the listening lineup especially if you’re a fan of Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders or similarly inspirational business-oriented podcasts.

Cocoa developers looking to integrate with Flickr might find some help from this framework, which packages Flickr’s API in an (allegedly) convenient format for Objective-C or Ruby programmers.

The test blog for changes I’m making to MarsEdit to support the “New Blogger” API. This should be music to the ears of would-be MarsEdit users who are waiting for such support. Stay tuned, it’s moving along pretty well and I hope to have more news to report next week. Vox will hopefully be soon to follow.

4 Responses to “Thursday Randomness”

  1. Cris Pearson Says:

    On the business mind-food front, if you haven’t read(or audiobook) them already, I highly recommend Good to Great and Built to last by Jim Collins

  2. Marcus Ramberg Says:

    Yay, vox support :)

  3. Mithras Says:

    Three cheers for New Blogger, even though I’ve already wandered my way into WordPress land.

  4. Scott Stevenson Says:

    Whoo! Looks like a nice addition to the Cocoa Blogs landscape

    How subtle. :)

    It is has been made so.

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