Iron Coder V Winner: Ben Gottlieb

April 3rd, 2007

Another Iron Coder weekend is wrapped up officially, as this round’s judge Jon Wight announced on the Iron Coder Blog. Ben Gottlieb won with his WikiPath screensaver. Congratulations, Ben!

My entry received an honorable mention as the “Best Non-Screensaver.” I thought everybody would do a screensaver, and I should try to be a little different. Viva is an application that lets you tile multiple screensavers on your desktop. Fun times. But run the app before you run the .saver – there’s a bug.

Big thanks to Jon for sacrificing many hours and making the difficult decisions as judge.

6 Responses to “Iron Coder V Winner: Ben Gottlieb”

  1. Julian Cheal Says:

    OOh that was fun Daniel. Trying to get my desktop to stop moving after I closed down your app was a little difficult, but its still fun non the less.

    It did make my make a wee bit busy, but its all fun.

    May I add my well done, to Ben Gottleib to. :D

  2. Ben Gottlieb Says:

    I thought Viva was awesome (and with Ray’s soundtrack, no less! :-) Many thanks to Jon for his judging (I’m a bit scared about VI !)

  3. Greg Smith Says:

    So Viva is the next feature to be added to MarsEdit? :)

  4. Conor Says:

    Congratulations to both of you. Viva ran nicely with four pictures, when I changed to 16 it was to intensive for my poor computer. Your presentation is always amazing, you take the time to work the UI details out and make it look good. Ben I really liked WikiPath neat idea and well coded.

  5. Julian Cheal Says:

    WikiPath is now my screensaver. It can be very distracting though. But it is really fun to watch to what path we can take through the depths of Wikipedia’s vast collection of pages and links.

    Great little App.

  6. David Paul Robinson Says:

    Oooooh – WikiPath has me hypmo-tized.

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