Diamond Anniversary

March 31st, 2017

Only after reflecting on the ten-years-old support for Blogger in MarsEdit, did I realize I had missed yet another important milestone in Red Sweater history:

February 22 marked the ten year anniversary of my acquisition of MarsEdit:

You read that right, no need to run for another cup of coffee. MarsEdit, the kick-ass, intuitive web-publishing powerhouse which I’ve been using to write entries here since I started blogging almost two years ago, is now part of the Red Sweater family of products. What an exciting day!

Where has the time gone? I sometimes despair at the relatively slow progress I seem to make in the development of all my software, MarsEdit included. On the other hand, looking back at the screenshot I included in that original post, it’s also easy to appreciate how much the app has evolved in the years since I’ve been developing it:


Wow. Well, first of all I’m writing this post on a Retina display, and I certainly hoping you are reading it on one. The first thing that jumps out is how fuzzy everything used to be. How did we live that way? Furthermore a number of key UI elements have been dramatically reworked just in the post editor interface alone. Let’s see how things look on the version of MarsEdit I’m running:

Diamond Anniversary

Now, to be fair, this is a screenshot from an as-yet unreleased version of MarsEdit, but the gist of the design is pretty close to the shipping MarsEdit 3.7.11. The main difference experienced MarsEdit users will notice is the addition of an icon formatting bar above the main text content. This little teaser is your reward for having read through the length of this post, and for helping me in celebrating my Diamond Anniversary with MarsEdit.

5 Responses to “Diamond Anniversary”

  1. Richard Wanderman Says:

    Congratulations Daniel. I’ve been using MarsEdit since before you bought it and it continues to be great software. Thanks for all the years and hard work.

  2. Jack Foster Mancilla Says:


    I have used this software for a very long time, from the first incarnation in NetNewsWire, and then on to MarsEdit. …

    I must admit, that when Brent passed the reins on, I was a little bit concerned that some things would get lost. … But, I have never been more pleasantly surprised with anything, than I have with the continuing development of MarsEdit.

    I do not use it as often as I used to use it, but I do use it regularly, and honestly, it is one of my favorite web tools of all times.


  3. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    Thank you both, Richard and Jack!

  4. Cesare Says:

    Hi, Daniel!

    I’m using your MarsEdit from 2010 and no other publishing software beat it!

  5. Chip Says:

    Congratulations. I’ve been thinking about putting up a personal blog (how old-school!) and MarsEdit is on the top of my list after deciding on a host and a theme.

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