FastScripts 2.7.3: Just a Couple More Fixes

August 29th, 2018

FastScripts 2.7.3 is now available for download from the FastScripts home page and has been submitted to the Mac App Store.

FastScripts 2.7, which I released earlier this month, was a fairly minor update in terms of functional changes, but a dramatic change in terms of the version of tools used to build it, and the system requirements of the app itself. FastScripts 2.6.13 and earlier were built with an older version of Xcode, on an older Mac, and supported OS releases as old as Mac OS X 10.6. As part of a solution to get FastScripts working as expected on macOS Mojave betas, I finally updated it to require macOS 10.12 or greater, and switched to newer tools.

The rapid-fire releases of FastScripts 2.7.1 and 2.7.2, were the result of unexpected bugs resulting from that shift, and my prematurely thinking I had ironed out all the issues before releasing the follow-on updates. In the lead-up to today’s release of 2.7.3, I spent a longer period of time examining the remaining issues that have surfaced, and I hope that things will be quieter in terms of bug-fix updates moving forward.

This update includes another subtle fix for “path to” handling, and a fix for a crash when running JavaScript for Automation scripts:

  • Remove FastScripts’s custom “path to” handler as it appears the system handler behaves as we expect now
  • Add an Apple Events usage explanation string to accompany the system prompt for approving Apple Events
  • Fix a crash that occur when running JavaScript for Automation scripts

An important note for users who use FastScripts to perform GUI scripting: After updating from FastScripts 2.6.13 to 2.7 or later, you may experience trouble running scripts that rely upon the Accessibility framework. To work around this problem, go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility, and uncheck any existing copies of FastScripts listed. Then restart your Mac before adding back FastScripts 2.7.3. This should restore functionality as it was with 2.6.13.

If you enjoy FastScripts, please consider writing a review or rating the app on the Mac App Store, or spreading the word on Facebook or Twitter! Thanks for your support. Questions or concerns? Get in touch at support@red-sweater.com. Thank you.

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