Radioshift: Radio On Your Schedule

September 24th, 2007

My friends over at Rogue Amoeba have been working their butts off for a long time, putting a bunch of work into both the technical and aesthetic design of their latest application.

Radioshift: Radio On Your Schedule

I’ve gotten to know almost everybody who works with Rogue Amoeba to varying degrees and I really like the way they run their business. They draw on the talents of fantastic programmers and designers from around the world, coordinating their efforts through the internet to produce freaking amazing software.

I would describe Radioshift as a sort of Tivo for your ears. You can browse a wide variety of freely available audio content – some available at any time, and some available on a particular schedule – and then you ask Radioshift to record your favorite programming for you so that you’ll have it at your fingertips when you’re ready to listen.

It’s sort of a coincidence that so many of my indie developer friends happen to be cranking out awesome software lately. I hope I’m not starting to sound too much like a link blog (I used to have one – remember!). But this is too good to pass up without downloading and giving it a try! Can I help it if I hang out with geniuses?

2 Responses to “Radioshift: Radio On Your Schedule”

  1. Chucky Says:

    I have yet to download, but am planning to due to what seems like a well thought out trial period.

    If I’m reading the fine print correctly, it’s fully functional for the first 20 minutes of every recording, which seems like a smart idea to allow folks to toy around with it, and purchase if they think they’ll keep on using it.

    30 day trials can be annoying if you want to try something out intermittently over time.

  2. Richard Says:

    I’ve downloaded it and used it a bit and it’s a great 1.0 app with a few rough edges. What bothers me, so far, is that the sound has an “under water” flavor to it, unlike typical podcasts of the same radio shows. I’ve not paid the license fee yet and will gladly pay it if that’s the sound degradation coming from using it free, however, i’ve not used it for 20 minutes yet so I’m thinking this is the way all recordings will sound.

    I want to use this thing as I’m a big user of podcasts in the ITMS but they’re all posted the day after. This would be much better, if the sound were good.

    I’ve asked them about this in their forums but no one’s replied just yet…

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