Skitch Public Beta

January 17th, 2008

My friends at Plasq software made an exciting announcement today: Skitch is now available as a public beta!

What is Skitch, and why might this be exciting to you? Well, Skitch is, in a nutshell, a screen capture and image editing utility that makes it extremely easy to edit, draw on, and type over images before uploading them to the web.

What’s especially great about Skitch is it just sits up in your menu bar, poised for action. Press the keyboard shortcut, grab a segment of your screen, and you’re off and running. Then double-click the title bar of the Skitch window and it’s gone as quickly as it arrived.

Skitch makes a great companion to MarsEdit. I often get requests for image editing in MarsEdit, which I take very seriously and plan to implement something along those lines. But in the mean time, Skitch makes a really excellent powerful add-on to your blogging workflow, and does a lot more than MarsEdit ever will on its own. Give it a spin!

2 Responses to “Skitch Public Beta”

  1. charles Says:

    Sounds cool, but the way you download the app is really non-intuitive, so I thought I would share my findings ;-)

    Setup an account on Skitch.com, and then go to your Settings, where there will be a link to get the app… Easy enough, but it took me several minutes to finally get it, maybe I am a bit slow!

  2. Khurt L Williams Says:

    I’ve been using the Skitch beta since last year and I have to say this is an excellent piece of software. But I have also discovered the Tech Smith’s Jing fills my need, does screen casting and has more “sharing” options.

    I use Skitch when I want to do more than screenshots.


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