Red Sweater Ringo

April 2nd, 2008

A few months ago Mike Lee, then of Delicious Monster, and now running his own show with United Lemur, decided to put his lemurs where his mouth was, so to speak, as part of a creative stunt to encourage other people to donate money to the Madagascar Fauna Group, an organization dedicated to saving the lemurs.

The way it worked was basically, anybody who donates $100 or more to the non-profit organization, would receive as a token of Mike’s thanks, a plush lemur toy. Mike has one of his own, and its name is Thievey. Anybody who took him up on the offer would be considered a part of Club Thievey, and would be encouraged to send in photos of their own plush animal, in a different habitat.

When Ringo arrived, the first thing I noticed was he was shivering from the cold Boston winter weather. Fortunately my wife is both talented and ambitious in the needle arts, so she went straight to work on an appropriate little jumper for our furry friend. He immediately perked up and seemed a lot happier all around. Not always shivering so much as he huddled on the corner of my desk.

The Red Sweater changed everything, even making it possible for Ringo to get his outdoor time. In this picture, it’s about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, yet Ringo is laughing it up in the trees while most other New England fauna are huddled up in their dens.

Even still, being an animal from rather warmer climes, Ringo does sometimes appreciate the radiators in our apartments, which are toasty even when the air outside is brisk.

You might get the impression from these photos that Ringo mostly sits around and does nothing. Well, that’s true. He has a rather luxurious life here in Somerville. But it’s not all play, he does have some responsibilities as “Chief Ringleader” at Red Sweater Software. Mainly, Ringo has an innate sense for when I’m working too hard, and has been known to put his, ahem, tail down about it.

OK, Ringo. You win! I’ll put down the computer for a while. Just as soon as I press “Send to Weblog.” Now we’re going to spend some quality time offline.

7 Responses to “Red Sweater Ringo”

  1. Ash Ponders Says:

    We ought to take a group photo at WWDC this year.

  2. DDA Says:

    Very nice and it reminds me that I need to get a pic or two of my lemur sent in.

  3. CJ Says:

    1. Chau-Kawai-i-i! (tranlation: So Cu-u-ute!)

    2. Good on ya for supporting a cause you believe in.

    3. Kudos to your lovely wife on a well done bit of needle craft.

  4. Jan Says:

    So Lovely.

  5. Jesse Read Says:

    Awesome story, haha.

  6. olivia Says:

    daniel, i love this. i want a little lemur…

    you should do a little photo essay of his travels to SAN FRANCISCO!!!!

  7. macpug Says:

    LOL, that’s too cute. I read about that project then forgot about it. I need to go support the lemurs :)

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