The Gift Of Software

December 16th, 2008

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve put off buying gifts for your friends and loved ones until almost the last minute!

I hope you won’t overlook the possibility of sending the gift of software this year. Thanks to a new feature in the Red Sweater Store, it’s finally easy to order any of our applications as a gift license for somebody you care about.

Just make your purchase as usual, but when you get to the checkout page, fill in the lucky recipient’s name:

The license information will be sent to you by email, so you can package it up in your own charming way, before passing it on.

One of the “problems” of gifting software these days is that most of the best applications are sold as purely electronic downloads from the web. I have to admit that the old-fashioned boxes made it easier to stick something under the tree, but with a little creativity you can give software gifts that are thoughtful and also have an element of “hand assembled” uniqueness to them.

For the puzzle lover in your life, may I suggest Black Ink bundled with a crossword solving dictionary, and a nice pen?

Know somebody who has talked about blogging for years, but never manages to get started? Perhaps a copy of MarsEdit, a copy of Strunk & White, and some encouraging words will be just the nudge they need.

These ideas are the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the person on your gift list isn’t suited to my products at all. There are hundreds of independent Mac developers whose excellent products could bring a smile to your loved ones this holiday season. Take a look around!

Enjoy the holiday season, and I hope you all have a very happy new year!

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  1. Johan Says:

    Nice little gift icon! :)

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