Textcast 1.0

December 24th, 2008

Congratulations to my friends Dave Dribin and Wolf Rentzsch, whose recently formed company, Bit Maki Software, has just released its maiden product: Textcast 1.0.

The application is designed to make it easy to turn any text from the web, an RSS feed, or a simple text file, into an audio podcast you can listen to just like any other podcast in iTunes. The software takes advantage of Mac OS X’s excellent “Alex” voice synthesizer.

There are some similarities between Textcast and my application, Typecast. Aside from the names, they are both designed to package up data into podcast form so that it can be easily digested using iTunes. I suggested to Dave Dribin that I would be happy to donate Typecast’s source code if they ever decide to incorporate its functionality into Textcast. We shall see!

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