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Feature Request: Pluggable Publishing

edited February 2007 in MarsEdit
Part of me hopes that the world will converge on Atom publishing - but I'm not holding my breath. I'd like blog posting engines to be easily pluggable so that other developers can do the necessary if need be.

I'd also like to be able to plug in composition syntaxes - for example, I might want to write something in Mobile-XHTML or WAP, or some variety of wiki markup.


  • I am definitely pondering the feasibility of something like this. Brent pointed out that one of the problems with a plugin-type solution for publishing is that you somehow have to accommodate the varying UI features that should be enabled for that service, and they can vary widely from service to service.

    But I hear ya. And maybe if nothing else then some kind of "script-based" publishing plugin could be devised for the lowest-common-denominator of publishing features.

  • I take the UI point - but I'd probably settle for subject and body.

    Publishing to a script would be cool. I can imagine a couple of applications for that.
  • I also vote for a simple plugin - subject, body, perhaps bbcode in body. I 've modified phpbb for blogging (as it does double duty as a support forum), and I've no time to further hack it to accept any of the popular blog posting interfaces (currently it's a simple POST). Ideally such a plugin could also be used to post to generic phpbb and punbb forums. Not sure if some people would view that as a plus, but it might be a new market segment for MarsEdit.
    Be glad to help you, Daniel, with debugging such a plugin!
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