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Problem with Black Ink 1.1.4

edited December 2008 in Black Ink
In today's Dec1108.puz (New York Times), right clicking on the last character of 13 down and entering a 4-letter word (TURN), then moving on by any means (Enter, Return, Clicking elsewhere) places the entered characters in the box of the last character of 63 down (63-D-3, 69-A-3) although a similar entry in the top right hand corner (1-A-1, 1-D-1) worked perfectly.

I have zipped the puzzle, saved in its broken state, and emailed it to you. I can still do the puzzle just leaving out those 4-character inclusions.



  • Thanks Adam, I just reproduced the problem myself. This is a serious problem and it looks like it was introduced in 1.1.3. I will get on making a fix and post an update here ASAP.

  • Thanks again for reporting this. I fixed the bug that was causing the puzzle corruption. If you don't mind trying it out:

    I would delete the corrupted puzzle and start over from scratch. Unfortunately, once it got messed up there isn't much Black Ink can do to salvage the wreckage.

    I'll publicly release it later today if it gets the OK from you.

  • Sorry to take so long to get back, Daniel -- the revision works perfectly on the same puzzle in the same places.
  • No problem about the delay. I appreciate the confirmation!
  • FYI the 1.1.5 release is now publicly available. Check for update from the app to get the latest.
  • edited December 2008
    I've managed to repeat this problem (characters elsewhere changing) with Black Ink 1.1.5.

    This time, the drill was as follows: I right clicked a box by mistake, then to make matters worse, entered a space. After that, weird things happened.
  • Thanks, I suspect it's not exactly the same problem, but you've probably discovered a related bug. I'll look into trying spaces in the multi character entry.
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