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Another Across Lite Puzzle Source

edited December 2008 in Black Ink
These are good puzzles. This guy (Brendan Quigley) is the author of today's NYT Xword. Published 3 times a week.


  • And another case where you (Daniel) need a page-scraping feature to get the latest puzzle automatically. I run a cron job that watches for new puzzles to appear on Macnamara's Band and on Quigley's page, then mails me the puzzle links as they appear. This kind of scripting is trivial with lynx, the text-only web browser.
  • The idea of a built-in scraping feature is appealing, but it strikes me that it might be more difficult to maintain than it's worth. It's already quite a nuisance when puzzle sources change their URLs. It would be all that much more to have to update a page scraping script whenever a site changes.

    However, perhaps a compromise would be to provide a "script" option in the puzzle sources configuration, so that people such as yourself could provide source scraping scripts when you have time.

  • Excellent idea, Daniel -- as a scripter, I'd use it for sure.
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