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Feature Request: remember my last X posts

edited February 2007 in MarsEdit
I'd like ME to remember (and give me easy access to) my last X number of posts on each weblog.

Sometimes I go back and realize that I made a typo or other mistake when it is no longer in the last 30 posts (one weblog I write for has many authors, and so we may get 30 posts a day, whereas **my** last 30 posts would cover a lot more ground. I'm not going to edit their posts, so I'd rather it remember my last X posts, not just the last X.


  • Interesting angle, luomat! In the long term, I would like to improve MarsEdit's functionality as an "archive" in addition to being an editor. So eventually I'd like to dream about a scenario where it's reasonably easy to edit any of the past posts. The problem now is that everything in MarsEdit has to be kept in sync with everything on the blog. So obviously this adds up to a headache if the number of posts gets too high.

    It sounds like in your situation, what would work really well is if you could configure MarsEdit to define your "Weblog" as only the ones that you wrote. Period. Does that sound like it would work? This is something I can investigate, though I'm not sure if the blogging APIs will make this possible or not.

  • I've discussed this with Brent in the past. What I find frustrating is that MarsEdit THROWS POSTS AWAY!

    This is a very non-email-like aspect of its interface. I generate 100 percent of my blog posts in MarsEdit (okay, besides the week every year when I try Ecto again), but if I want to go back and update a post from 3 weeks ago, there's a good chance it will be gone. If MarsEdit just stopped rolling posts into oblivion, within a few weeks or months, I would have access to the great majority of posts I'm likely to be making active changes to.

    I understand the synching issues, but in my case, there aren't really any, because I only ever touch those posts in MarsEdit. I think this, and some way of doing post approvals (either by sharing posts in progress over Bonjour or the net, a la SubEthaEdit, or by posting drafts to the weblog) are major issues for people working on very active weblogs.
  • fsteele: I too find the behavior very frustrating. So much so that I'm disinclined to make changes to "old posts" because I know I'll have to go through the web interface. I'm sure I'll understand the situation better soon, but my naive thinking is that maybe some distinction could be made, as you suggest, between the "recently posted" items that are synced, and older posts that are not automatically synced, but which maybe can be used to update an entry on the server.

    I suspect the problem is partly that some (all?) APIs don't allow granular access to posts. So it might not be easy to take a post from a year ago and for instance, check to make sure nothing has been updated in it since then.

    Needless to say I'll be looking into this as I prioritize the list of improvements I want to make in MarsEdit.

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