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problem with multiple letters in 1.1.6 (530)

edited January 2009 in Black Ink
I downloaded the latest Black Ink (1.1.6 - 530) hoping to fix the bugs with multiple letter entry. Unfortunately, I think there are still issues. In the 2008-01-11 Sunday NY Times puzzle, for example: when I enter the correct two letters into the second square of 2-Down and check the word (or entire puzzle), the first letter is marked as red, even though I know I have the correct two letters. Also, when I reveal, only one letter is shown there (likewise for the other circled squares).

I like the interface of Black Ink *so* much better than the clunky Across Lite, but the bugs are definitely distracting. Any thoughts on another go at fixing the multi-letter entry for the next version?


  • Hi Frayzhe - thanks for bearing with me while I get these issues sorted out. I'm still prepared to be in "zero tolerance" mode for these problems.

    I'm going to look into the issue you describe right now. It sounds possible that the puzzle in question may have been improperly assembled by the NYT, but I'll look closer and let you know what I find. If it's a bug in Black Ink I'll try to get a fix out within a day or two.

  • Update: It's definitely a bug in Black Ink. I confirmed with Across Lite that it shows the correct answers revealed in the expected circled letters. I'll update this forum entry when I have a beta build to try which addresses the problem.

    Thanks for letting me know about this issue,
  • There was a bug in the puzzle reading part of Black Ink that caused it to stumble because of the particular way the multiple answers were stored in this puzzle. It's a good fix because I'm sure other puzzles will have the same issue.

    (Technical sidenote: the multiple character answers inside the puzzle file are usually separated by spaces but in this case most of them were squeezed up against each other).

    I fixed the bug and have posted a beta 1.1.7b1 (533) release of Black Ink:

    Please do not hesitate to let me know if there are remaining issues you run into!

    Thanks again,
  • Wow, thanks for the fast fix! The check problem with multiple letters is indeed fixed. Only two very minor issues that I see, neither of which I would really call a bug:

    - revealing a word with multiple letters only colors the first letter as blue
    - entering multiple letters into a square then pressing enter stays on the current square

    Otherwise, this puzzle seems to solve quite well. Thanks!!
  • Nice catch with the "only first letter gets colored" issue. I would call that a bug. I couldn't reproduce it at first because I was always revealing the square I had selected. It seems as soon as the square is selected, both letters turn to blue as expected.

    You're probably right that the same logic for jumping to another square should apply after entering multiple characters, as when entering a single character answer.
  • While playing around with this I also noticed another bug, the "check as you type" feature doesn't work right with multi-character answers.
  • Another beta release, this one fixes the two extra issues that Frayzhe discovered with multiple letters being wrongly colored, and with entering multiple characters not advancing to the next square if that preference is set.

    One day, perhaps ALL bugs with multiple characters will be fixed ;)

  • Problem seems resolved -- today's NYT crossword was multiple letter and it worked without a hitch for me.
  • I'm puzzled by the navigational changes in 1.1.7b2. I don't see anything new in the preferences, but now clicking on a square always changes direction and jumps to the first blank (or first letter, if none are blank) in that word. It seems the only way to navigate to a non-blank letter is with the arrow keys, as clicking always jumps away. That's really annoying.

    I wondered if some modifier (shift, option, command) would let me stay where I clicked, but no such luck. What's the story here?
  • I'll second the modifier idea -- I often seem to need arrows too, or have to double click to retain orientation.
  • Thanks guys, I think the explanation here is "this is a bug" :) In order to get some of the other issues sorted out I revised the mechanics of the puzzle navigation, and I must have introduced these new glitches.

    Glad to discover them while it's still a beta! I will get this sorted out.

    For what it's worth I've now taken to adding built-in tests to my build process, so that when a bug like this is found, I can usually add a test that will ensure it stays fixed in the future when I make other changes to the code.

  • Please give 1.1.7b3 a try. The issue with the changing direction should be fixed.

    I will try to get a beta tester feed back up for Black Ink soon, so that people can use the automatic software update to stay up to date with beta releases more easily. Thanks everybody for taking time to try these releases out,

  • edited January 2009
    1.1.7b3 looks good, thanks. Navigation is back to normal.
  • edited January 2009
    Latest beta (1.1.7b) is lookin good! Only glitch I noticed is that it lost its association with downloads from NYTimes (opened something else I didn't even remember owning), but that was quickly fixed at this end.
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