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edited January 2009 in Black Ink
Occasionally I hit a number key by mistake and Black Ink interprets that as a request to go to that square and puts up the number in center grid. I've discovered that to get rid of that number you either have to go there or press escape.


  • Do you recommend changing the mechanics of this "fast access" feature? I don't end up using it too often myself, but some people seem to enjoy being able to quickly leap around the puzzle using the numbers.
  • edited January 2009
    No need -- I was finding it frustrating because the puzzle was still active in the background with the number in the way. Knowing that escape will bag it when I didn't mean to move is fine, and occasionally I do want to move when the puzzle refers to another square in the clue I'm working on. Be nice if undo (command-z) would return me one jump, though, so I wouldn't have to remember where I jumped from.

    Black Ink is solidifying nicely, IMHO. Best in class.

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