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Multi-char problems in 1.17b3 (SPOILER ALERT! for NY Sun of 2/6)

edited February 2009 in Black Ink
The NY Sun puzzle for 2/6 has multi-character answers which I filled in as PBAU. They were marked wrong. When I revealed the answers, these squares showed "Pb...". Notice the minuscule "b". One problem is that PBAU isn't matched against PbAu. Another is that there's no way to inspect the full text of the squares. Control-clicking doesn't let me edit them and hovering doesn't reveal them. (I opened the .puz in emacs to find the full values.)


  • Aha - good catch. It sounds like it would be reasonable to ignore case for purposes of validating puzzle answers. Anybody disagree? Also, I'll see if I can get hovering to make the full answer appear.
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