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FlexTime bug remembering text between Show and Speak

edited February 2009 in FlexTime
I was checking out FlexTime and I ran into a small bug with it reseting the text when switching between Show and Speak Text.

My steps:

1. Opened the included Break Reminder file.

2. Clicked the Take a Break Activity

3. Changed the drop down for "At Start" to "Say Text" from "Show Text".

4. Text changes from "Take a break!" to "No Message"

I would expect it to maintain the text so I don't have to type the message again. Also, strangely, if I change the text and leave the text field as the input point, then change the drop down back to "Show Text", the text stays. Although it's not specifically tied to having the text field selected for input. I can click the text field after just opening the file, and then change the drop down and the "No Message" behavior comes back.

Fairly annoying, but small in the big picture.



  • Hi Patrick - good catch. The problem here is that the text fields are actually different. The modular design of FlexTime has it so that the UI elements switch around a bit depending on what kind of cue is chosen (this is how for instance a popup appears when you switch to "Run Script" ...

    But I agree it would be a nice bit of polish if it would copy the text over from one to the other. It definitely makes sense. Adding it to my bug system...

  • Daniel,

    I figured something like that was going on. Since it always remembered the different sound selections.

    Copying the text between the text boxes when changed I think would be the expected behavior. Others may disagree.

    Thanks for looking at. I think FlexTime is going to provide the utility I need.

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