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Plugin/Bundle Architecture for external APIs

edited February 2007 in MarsEdit
One of the things with blogging is that there are so many different bloggers pursuing different goals and this can be a real strain on the developer. Some people want everything and the kitchen sink while others want just the basic functionality.

I think this is why we have MarsEdit on one side and Ecto on the other (taking more or less a kitchen sink approach). Incidentally, I think your acquisition might have given the Ecto developer a major kick up the rear because I see a screenshot that looks a lot better than the product I know (still has ugly orange) and some pages "under construction".

So on one hand you have people who want you to make it easier to insert Amazon links (and maybe even search the amazon database), flickr photos, etc. while others just want the writing functionality.

Since a lot of the "flavor of the day" services bloggers use is transient and mainly involves pulling user data from a third party service I was wondering whether a "plugin/bundle" architecture wouldn help. You could create the system, document it and maybe include an example bundle for Amazon and Flickr. If others feel the need for more they can develop the plugins themselves.

Just a thought. Gosh this came out wordier than I wanted. Feel free to not respond. I'll be going through a bunch of ideas, bugs, etc. that I've been meaning to talk about while MarsEdit was neglected.


  • Thanks baron - it's definitely a good instinct. I think you're right that satisfying a very diverse set of desires is a major challenge for me moving forward.

    This idea of a "pluggable" publishing support was discussed in this other thread, so you might be interested in reading it:

  • I did read that thread but thought it only applied to incorporating atom in the posting.

    My main idea is for integrating with the various web services that make it easier to pull data and insert it into your draft as part of your post (ie pull phtotos from your Flickr stream with tag X and insert it with size M).

    Just some food for thought as you embark on your journey. Thanks so much for being so quick with the ME Sparkle release. Really brightened up my day.
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