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Numeric answers wrongly marked wrong

edited February 2009 in Black Ink
All the numeric answers in today's New York Sun puzzle get marked wrong, yet revealing the answers shows them to be right.

Bonus bug: If the text cursor is in the clue area, then the check and reveal sub-menus are completely disabled. There's no current letter or word, but you should still be able to check or reveal the whole puzzle.


  • Thanks - numbers are funny because it seems for a while they were not allowed in the Across Lite format, and may be a recent addition. I'll see if I can iron out whatever is causing this failure to validate. I assume you are entering them using the "enter multiple" feature?

    Thanks for the point about the reveal being disabled. You're right, reveal and check the whole puzzle should certainly be enabled.
  • Do you think you can send me a copy of the puzzle for debugging purposes? (Btw I tried email to your forum email and it bounced).
  • I've emailed you the puzzle. Sorry about the mail bounce. I used to be very free about making up e-mail addresses for myself, since the domain is all mine, but then I got wave after wave of spam bounces with made-up usernames in my domain and I had to tighten up. I've updated my forum address to one that should work now.
  • I understand about the email completely, I did a similar transition a couple years ago, to clamp down on the spam.
  • Another bug-fix a long time in coming, but this is now fixed in 1.1.7:
  • Thanks for the update. I was on the beta so long I'd forgotten it wasn't a real release.
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