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Long titles that seem to go on and on and on until they're out of room

edited March 2009 in Black Ink
I've mentioned this before, but today's NYT reminds me: there's still no good way to view lengthy puzzle titles in Black Ink. You can choose the elided version or the truncated version, yet there's no easy path (in Black Ink) to seeing the complete title. The uneasy path is to click in the title area, select all with command-A, copy, then paste into another application.

The competition: Across Lite 2.0 displays the full title correctly if you stretch the window enough. It does some odd things if the window is too small. Wordplay truncates the title.

The complete title says:

"NY Times, Sun, Mar 01, 2009 GOOD AND BAD (Note: For the answer to each starred clue, including the first letter is good; dropping it is bad.)" - Robert W. Harris / Will Shortz


  • Thanks for the reminder. Yeah, another customer emailed me today to ask about the long title. I definitely need to fix this. I think the best short-ish term solution would be to support hovering over the title and have it show up as a help-tag style window.
  • Sorry it took so long to do something about this. It isn't much, but I added support in just-released 1.1.7 to show the complete title if you hover over the truncated title.
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