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Feature request: LJ ScrapBook

edited March 2009 in MarsEdit
I would really love if MarsEdit supported LiveJournal's ScrapBook service for uploading pictures. I have a somewhat image heavy journal and this would save me so much work!

I would buy a copy of MarsEdit in a heartbeat if this were the case.

Thanks for your time. :)


  • Hi - thanks for the suggestion. I haven't looked too closely at LiveJournal for a while, because I was sort of waiting while they ironed out the development of their AtomPub based interface (a mechanism which lets MarsEdit talk to it). I need to look again and see what the current status of their interface is. Maybe it supports access to these scrapbook assets as well.

    I'll add this to my TODO list, though I have to confess it's pretty packed with stuff right now so it may be a while before I can pursue it.

  • Dear support, what about new LJ ScrapBook support?
  • Hi - unfortunately I don't have any news to report on this front. I don't think support for LJ ScrapBook is likely to come very soon, but it's still on my list of possible new features.
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