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i would be glad to pay a subscription fee for a blogging service..

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i listened to coreintuition the other day - and i would totally love to pay for a blogging service (by red-sweater :).

i know how to set up my own server and i'm not to greedy to pay for it, but it is timeconsuming and annoying. and i know i would spend days to choose the best provider, the best software, to install the best plugins, figure out the most secure configuration, research css-hacks, backup everything, keep everything updated,...

on the other hand i hate those "free" blogging services like or blogger that pollute your blog with ads and act like they were doing you a favour in letting you use their services while you generate their income.

so i would be glad to pay a monthly subscription fee for a simple blogging service. someone can recommend anything?


  • I'm a bit curios about what requirements you have for this service. The reason I ask is that most ISPs offers a "pre-configured" wordpress installation ... the one that I use have a simple click-to-install interface and that's it (note I haven't tried it since I prefer to use my own installation)
  • compared to one of the socalled free blogging services i would expect:
    - a clear relationship with the company that offers the service. i always feel cheated by these "free" services.
    - support (that's probably why it would be a nightmare to run such a service).
    - a small, well designed software.

    compared to selfhosting:
    - much easier to set up.
    - no maintenance.
    - have only one company to deal with.
    - support.
    - fewer choices :)

    thats a spontaneous list - i haven't put much thought into it. and my english language knowledge is poor ;)
  • I would suggest that you take a look at some ISP that offers this in their web hosting package, there are lots of them and one of them should probably be what you're looking for
  • When Joomla's too big for a blog site I tend to go with B2Evolution. It's flexible and powerful but simple in comparison to Joomla or Wordpress and it's JUST a blog - it doesn't try to do everything.

    There's a list of recommended hosts on the B2evolution website here

    I don't know if any of them offer just a straight simple blog hosting account but the prices are cheap enough and a free app like b2evolution would be something that you can probably install with a single click from the web hosts control panel.

    I'd probably go with Lunarpages out of that list.

    Anyway, there are plenty of options out there.
  • Totally agree! And especially what I hate is the blogging service of Wordpress! They put all their ads but they dont let you put your own ads! Such a bad service! online poker machines

  • edited November 2011
    I've been using as a managed Wordpress hosting service. They provide nearly all of the hosting skills including CDN, hosting, security, firewall and some support. It's been a good experience.

    If you like them, please use this affiliate link - they aren't cheap at $50 per month but they are good. If you are professional about blogging, but not so good at running your own server, I can recommend them.

    BTW, I run my own plugins, themes, and ads according to what I like. Hope that helps.
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