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Question: $10 discount?

edited February 2007 in MarsEdit
I recently purchased NetNewsWire (10 days ago :o) and received a coupon code for $10 off my next purchase. I was interested in MarsEdit, but it hadn't been updated in some time, so I thought I'd play the Wait-and-See game. I waited, and saw an acquisition :P Is there any chance that I could redeem my discount code, or should I just suck it up?


  • Hmm - I can see why you would ask - can't blame you :) But I am not currently running any promotion on the pricing of MarsEdit, and am not really prepared to start one right now. Putting aside the question of whether to give a discount, I don't even have the infrastructure ready for PayPal purchases yet, let alone coupon codes! :)

    I think you'll have to "suck it up" - at least MarsEdit is still affordable even without the $10 discount!

  • Thanks for the honest answer :) At some point in the future, I'll suck it up and take a rocket ride!
  • Thanks for reminding me, MrWhimsy. I've got the discount as well, and was going to use it on MarsEdit. Oops! =]
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