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Typecast: update Podcast series

edited May 2009 in General Discussion
I stumbled across the Typecast beta and it is awfully close to functionality that I’d really like to have. However, as noted in the app, each time you send the podcast to iTunes, it creates a new instance of it.

I would buy this app if it not only added podcasts (multiple podcasts would be ideal) but allowed subsequent updates of new items posted to them.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the free beta and to mention that it is a worthwhile app, the likes of which I haven’t seen elsewhere. (If anyone is aware of another such an app, I’d certainly be open to trying it.)


  • I'm glad the free app is helping out at least a little. I'm not likely to spend much more time on it, I'm afraid. In this case "beta" probably ended up being code-word for "1-off" :)

    Your suggestions seem like a good idea, though. Maybe somebody would be interested in inheriting the app from me and running with the ideas you have.

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