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Getting List of Scripts from FastScripts

edited September 2005 in FastScripts
Does FastScripts have an AppleScript way of getting the names of all the files in its menu into a script for further processing or should I just attack the /Library/Scripts Folder itself in the Finder? (Not clear from Dictionary)


  • FastScripts doesn't currently expose its script hierarchies through AppleScript. I think it's a great suggestion and I'll work on it for an upcoming release.
  • edited October 2005
    That would be great. What I have in mind is a search tool for my scripts (AppleScript, of course) and first, I have to get the names of them all.

    Using Jon's Commands, this works:

     set TextOfScript to (load script myFile) as text

    -- Jon's Commands does the coercion from script to text; load script is in Standard Additions.
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