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WP 2.1.1. Trackback field says 'Array' after adding trackback url

edited February 2007 in MarsEdit
I created a post in MarsEdit and added a Trackback URL.

When I edit the resulting WP entry (am using Wordpress 2.1.1) , the trackback field says "Array".

Edit: Using Marsedit 1.1.3 on 10.4.8/Intel


  • Whoop! Will investigate this one as well. Thanks,

  • Just a quick note Yusufg - WP 2.1.1 has a nasty bug / backdoor in it. They have released a patch which fixes the security problem. WP 2.1.2
  • The trackback posting is still broken in 1.1.5.
  • It turns out this was a bug in WordPress:

    The fix should be in WP 2.1.2. Can those of you who are still seeing this confirm that you're running with WP 2.1.2? I confirmed against my own 2.1.2 test install that the bug seems to be fixed.

    If you're on the WP 2.0.x releases still, it looks like it might not be fixed until 2.0.10 is released.

  • I was using 2.1. I upgraded to 2.1.2. I will post back when I see if it's working.
  • Ok, it seems to be working in 2.1.2.

    At least ... the right trackback address gets into the Wordpress field (instead of 'array'). The current problem seems to be that Wordpress doesn't submit the trackback ping unless you re-edit the field in Wordpress. Odd, that. But it doesn't seem like a MarsEdit problem, at least.

    Thanks again for the tip,

  • Glad to hear. Hopefully they can fix that ping problem on the WP end. I've found the WP team to be very friendly, and you might want to report a ticket at their bug reporting system:

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