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Usable KeyChain Scripting : KeyChain Settings Properties?

edited July 2009 in General Discussion
Apologies in advance if this is in the wrong section, or if this wonderful piece of software really isn't supported, thanks so much for creating it! =)

I was looking for where / how using UKS I could set the properties of a keychain, similar to how you set the keychain timeout, lock-while-sleeping, and Sync with .Mac settings in the KeyChain Access application from the Edit -> Change KeyChain Settings menu.

Any suggestions? :)


  • Hi - thanks for stopping in. I'm glad you're enjoying the Usable Keychain Scripting. Unfortunately your instinct that it isn't supported is more or less true, it was just kind of a hack I put together and threw out to the world to try to help people out :)

    I didn't add many features to mimic what Apple's own Keychain Scripting does. I just tried to support the basic things that seemed unusably slow. Is it really slow to set the attributes you describe through the regular keychain scripting ? (Or is it not possible?)

  • Wow - talk about a fast reply! Thanks! :D

    Basically, I can't figure out at all how to set an entire keychain's properties (Timeout, Lock-While-Sleeping, Sync with .Mac), I just don't see an option for it even when I check the dictionary for UKS?

    That's the trick - I don't want to set an individual key's properties, I'm looking to set those three properties for the entire keychain being looked at.
  • Yeah, it's not something I even attempted to provide via UKS, because my goal was just to make the specifics of getting passwords (mainly) less agonizing. So if this type of scripting is possible, you'll have to look outside of UKS, maybe in Apple's Keychain Scripting. I don't even know for sure if they support it there, though.
  • Again, thanks for the fast dialog. :D

    Nope, it's not in Apple's scripting offerings either - this is prompting me to file a defect / enhancement request with Apple too - I've had good luck getting responses from them, even if it does take six months. *chuckles*
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