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REQUEST: TextMate integration

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Not sure how others may feel about this, but I find it very frustrating using MarsEdit where my normal working environment for HTML development is TextMate - no autocomplete, auto tags etc. So if I could hit a key combination to open the current post in TextMate, that'd be very useful. Maybe it wouldn't be too difficult as TextMate already provides the 'mate' shell command.


  • You have 3 choices.

    First, In "Preferences", you can set "TextMate" as your external editor. You can invoke "Edit with TextMate" from "File" menu of MarsEdit.

    Another way you can use is to install "Edit with TextMate..." from TextMate bundle. (Note: that is in the bundle named "TextMate". Follow the instruction, and you can edit most Cocoa text fields with TextMate. I'm now typing in this text field in this forum via TextMate. (I blogged at

    Lastly, TextMate has a "Blogging" bundle, which I should not write in details because of irrelevance of this company's product.
  • Thanks Takaaki! Steamshift: I'm not too familiar with TextMate - although I understand it's an awesome product and have a lot of respect for Allan, I have not yet integrated it into my workflow. Please let me know if there are other areas where MarsEdit could improve the experience with TextMate, aside from what Takaaki suggested.

  • Will have a play with Takaaki's suggestion ... and get back to you.
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