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edited September 2009 in Black Ink
After updating Black Ink, the trash cannot be emptied because "CrossWordImporter" is in use. Unfortunately, CWI doesn't show up on the activity monitor. That means logging out and in again which I avoid (a lot happens on my machine at login time). :(


  • Ah yeah, interesting bug. I wonder what I can do about that. Thanks for the report, I'll see if I can find some wisdom about how to deal with bundled spotlight importers when trashing an app.
  • edited September 2009
    You're definitely not alone in this regard; lots of updates do it. When I beefed, I hadn't yet figured out that this was an embedded (in your bundle) mdimporter running under the control of mds or an mdworker, not running as a separate process. Looking back at the Activity Monitor, I see an mdworker that belongs to me (and one that belongs to Spotlight). If I quit the mdworker that belongs to me (as user) it starts up again immediately, but the original CrossWordImporter is released so the trash can be emptied. That's probably all you have to do; find the user's mdimporter and quit it before starting the new version of Black Ink.
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