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Time to usefulness is much too long.

edited March 2007 in FastScripts
With well over 2000 scripts on my machine, 1,400+ of them in my User's Scripts folder, FastScripts takes so long to start that I am effectively denied use of my triggered scripts after a restart or login for more than a minute before the Fastscripts Icon replaces the spinner icon in my menu bar.

After a frustrating morning of restarts brought on by another problem (which is unrelated to this one which has been a problem for some time now), I'm seriously considering the unpleasant necessity of replacing all 46 of my FastScripts hot keys with Quicksilver triggers because QS starts up quickly and I can get on with using my machine's scripts by running them from there. FS is not scaling well, unfortunately, or perhaps I'm just pushing the envelope.

I realize you have a backward compatibility problem, Daniel, but the script below finds the paths to the 2,615 scripts on my startup volume in 0.48 seconds [dual-core G5/2.3 tower, OS X 10.4.8]:
set Scpts to paragraphs of (do shell script "mdfind -onlyin / 'kMDItemContentType == \"\"'")
while this one takes a minute and twenty seconds just to find the scripts in my Scripts folder, never mind the whole startup volume:
tell application "Finder" to set S to files of (entire contents of (path to scripts folder from user domain)) where its name extension is "scpt"
so clearly you're using Finder technology to access the files on my system rather than Spotlight technology. With Leopard looming in the wings, Spotlight will undoubtedly improve - it's a work in progress, after all. Something's gotta give, and I'm afraid it might be FastScripts.


  • Thanks Nova - I still have the request to look into using Spotlight to speed this up. I think that's a great idea. I don't think most users are too badly affected by the delay at launch time, because restarts are probably relatively infrequent for most work scenarios. But nonetheless I have been annoye by the delay myself, so I will look into it.

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