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Tumblr: Video posts not showing up after refresh

edited November 2009 in MarsEdit
I do the majority of my Tumblr posting using their bookmarklet, reserving MarsEdit for writing my own posts, so I usually refresh the post list before writing something in MarsEdit. I've noticed upon refreshing my blog that MarsEdit doesn't show video posts I made using the bookmarklet. They just don't show up. Is this a known bug?

Thanks for your help.



  • Hi Eric - you've discovered a shortcoming in MarsEdit's Tumblr support. Since historically speaking, the majority of MarsEdit users have been focused on written (text) content, that is where most of its functionality is oriented. I decided when adding support for Tumblr to tackle the text-based posts first because the feedback I got from Tumblr users was this would be a good first step.

    I hope to add support for video and audio posts in a future update.

  • Is this still a limitation of MarsEdit? I know this is an old post (possibly referring to an old version?), but I am in my 30-day trial and just want to be clear. I am not seeing video posts, but I also know Tumblr has been having API hiccups lately. Thanks!
  • Hi Kevin - sorry to report it is still a limitation. Hope to take care of this relatively soon, but as usual I can't make any firm estimate about the timeline.
  • Do you have any better idea of when you might implement video and photo support for Tumblr blogs? This is pretty important to me.
  • Sorry this is still missing, MrSalty. I can't speculate as to specifically when it will happen as sometimes unexpected glitches come up that cause me to postpone even nearly-done work. It's still high on my TODO list. Thanks for reaffirming the importance to you.
  • Any news on when we will see support for video and audio posts to tumblr?
  • Hi Ryan - sorry, I don't have any specific news. It's still on my long TODO list.
  • I just landed on this page looking for the same info about Tumblr audio posts. Thanks for being clear about this Daniel. It's a shame, I just downloaded the trial and the software looks good, but I use too many audio and video posts in Tumblr for me to buy this at the moment. I'll keep an eye on future updates just in case.

    Do you think this would be a 3.x thing, or is it more likely to be in 4.x?
  • My hope would be to have it be a 3.x thing, but of course I never can guarantee how features end up getting finished enough to release.
  • Hey Daniel,

    Landed here with the same exact issue. It's really nice to read your repeated and candid answers here. Makes me glad I just invested in your software!
    Looking forward to future updates.

    If only every software company had M. Jalkut support standards...
  • Hi mvauchel - thank you for letting me know you appreciate the candidness and responsiveness. I know it can be frustrating to see faults in software and it doesn't always feel great to even have the failures candidly admitted, but it's the best I can do until I get a chance to improve things.
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