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Entry Hangups

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
Not sure if this is just related to Blosxom. When I first create a entry without saving, Blosxom will freeze up for several seconds every 10 seconds or so. I will get a spinning beach ball. If I save the entry and reopen it, this does not happen. It's pretty annoying.

Normally what I do is create a new entry and put in a title really fast. Then save it and reopen it.


  • Interesting bug Greg - I'm not seeing this on my test Blosxom blog. Can you do me a favor and check two things:

    1. Anything interesting in the console log (/Applications/Utilities/ around the time of the hang.

    2. Can you "capture" what MarsEdit is doing while the hang is happening? To do this use Activity Monitor (in /Applications/Utilities as well) to locate MarsEdit, then double click the MarsEdit item, and in the lower-left corner you'll see a button to "Sample". That should produce a log that tells me what MarsEdit is busy doing (waiting for?) while the hang occurs.

  • Don't see anything in the logs. I did notice the CPU spikes up at this time for MarsEdit.

    You can download the sample from my public idisk. It's called Sample of MarsEdit.txt. I tired to directly link to it, but your fourm spam filter didn't like the URL.
  • Hmm - thanks, Greg. Near as I can tell the hang is happening while trying to "autosave" the post. Don't know why it would hang only before you've done a regular save though!

    What if you do a "Save As Draft" - or is that what you're talking about? Does either "Send to Weblog" or "Save As Draft" cause the bug to stop?

    Is there anything different about your home directory - like is it on a network volume or something? MarsEdit is probably trying to save to this directory when the hang happens:

    ~/Library/Application Support/MarsEdit/Autosave/

  • Saving it either way causes the hang up to be reduced (still seem to see it a little). Then entries are on my local drive. Could it have anything to do with the large number of entries and subdirectories I have?
  • I think you're on to something there. I just copied a WHOLE LOT of random files into my Blosxom test folder, and now I'm reproducing the bug!

    That's the good news, anyway ;)
  • You certainly have your work cut out for you, anyways :)
  • I see what the problem is. It stems from the fact that MarsEdit treats every folder subfolder as a "Category." Let's just say the code that "builds the list of category names" for a blog is not very optmized, and it gets called often while the post is in that unsaved-draft state.

    I will start looking at improving the performance of the category lists. In the mean time, another workaround that might work for you is if you can add new "weblogs" for specific subfolders in your blosxom hierarchy. Anything you can do to give a smaller directory to MarsEdit for the "weblog" will improve the speed situation.

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