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FastScripts 2.5

edited December 2009 in FastScripts
I haven't been using FastScripts for a while now because it was taking much too long to search my machine for scripts (in excess of 2000 of them), so I was extremely pleased with the speed with which 2.5 got down to business when I tried it this morning. Good stuff, Daniel. As Quicksilver triggers are getting increasingly flakey these days, I'll move back to FastScripts triggers for scripts I use all the time.


  • Glad to hear it's performing well for you. I wish I could take the credit! I don't think I've altered anything recently with the script scanning behavior. Maybe something happened to your system to make it perform better for the scanning that FastScripts does!
  • edited December 2009
    I think you must have between FS_1 and FS_2 but when that transition took place I was into Quicksilver for triggers and HoudaSpot for finding them based on content rather than title. Looking back at my email exchange with you at the point that I switched, I see it was dated in October 2007 when you were deeply involved with MarsEdit. At that point I was complaining that you weren't using metadata to search for scripts, but you've obviously gone that way now and I was just slow to discover it. Doh.
  • I recall that discussion, but alas, I am sorry to report that I am still not doing anything special with metadata or spotlight to increase script loading time. As I said … must just be something lucky! :) In any case I'm certainly glad it's working so much better for you now.
  • Loving plain text AppleScript support. Now my script folder only contains aliases to my revision control tree, where previously I had to Save As a run-only compiled version after every change. Thanks!
  • Awesome! I don't know why it took me so long to add this obvious (in retrospect) feature.
  • FS doesn't seem to offer the option for choosing the folder I want indexed -- it defaults to /Library/Scripts/ and a bunch of generics it contains. My Scripts folder is in my Dropbox with a Symbolic Link to it in my ~/Library folder pointing to ~/Dropbox/Scripts which works fine for other purposes (Script Debugger, searches, etc.). Suggestion?
  • Hi NovaScotian -

    FastScripts adopts the "standard" Apple script folders, which means /Library/Scripts and [Home]/Library/Scripts. Technically you can override it to include other folders, but that does involve some terminal defaults hacking.

    Unfortunately FastScripts doesn't support symbolic links in the scripts folder. It will work with an alias, but not with symbolic links (there are technical reasons having to do with the way FastScripts keeps up to date with the contents of the folder).

    So, perhaps the easiest solution in your case would be indeed to add the Dropbox scripts folder directly to FastScripts:

    1. Quit FastScripts
    2. Open Terminal
    3. Run this command:

    defaults write ScriptTreePathsKey '("FSSP%%%$HOME$/Dropbox/Scripts", "/Library/Scripts")'

    4. Reopen FastScripts

    That should set your scripts folders in FastScripts to include the system /Library/Scripts, and your Dropbox scripts.

  • Just did it and FS is grinding away (I have well over 2000 scripts in there -- remember I'm an admin (Adam Bell) at I must say too, that FS was really quick doing it too -- you've improved that a lot. Thanks for the cure.
  • Glad to hear it is improved!
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