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First time startup experience

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
I recently moved MarsEdit from my PowerBook over to my new MBP -- and tried copying the Application Support directory to pick up where I left off... well, I guess that didn't work so well... so instead I started fresh.

First, the add blog UI is a little clumsy -- with the big field for the blog URL... a one-liner would suffice.

Second, why don't you do the QuickSilver cube setup approach -- because after I'd added my blog, I had to separate enter my username/password and then after I'd composed a draft and went to pick my categories, had to save the draft, close it, refresh my blog to download the categories and then reopen the blog post, pick the categories and send it...!

Why not do that all in the first setup step?


  • I totally agree. I think the first-launch experience is seriously hurting right now, and I'm hoping to make some major improvements.

    I have been focusing on even more pressing shortcomings - such as the lack of "New Blogger" support, but I hear your concerns loud and clear and am going to be aiming to streamline the "getting started" process ASAP.

  • Y'know, Flock went through all the problems with the new blogger posting stuff... isn't it time that there was a generic blog posting library that Ecto, Flock, MarsEdit and the rest could use? Something like what is doing for photo sharing sites?
  • An interesting idea. I hadn't seen before, but taking a wide-angle view of what it's aiming for, you might even argue that blog content should be covered by its mission, as well.
  • If you'd like, I can hook you up with the developer, Jacob Jay.
  • Let's put that on ice for a little while at least. I am trying to stay focused on getting MarsEdit back on an even keel, so I don't think I would be able to devote much attention to the discussion right now.
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