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Feature Request - Saving Files & Journal

edited January 2010 in MarsEdit
Hi, I'm excited to be using MarsEdit2 but have one concern that you might be able to help out with. Once I have published content, I really don't have a good method of archiving and saving this information for future use. If MarsEdit2 could save the content (in some format like HTML, etc), I could easily archive and backup.

I would also like to use MarsEdit2 as a personal journal. This would be nice so I could create content that is saved to my hard drive but later could be used as a post on my site.

Thanks for your consideration - I would love to hear of upcoming developments to MarsEdit2 in the two areas I wrote about.


  • Hi Michael - thanks for the feecback. For right now I am focused on making MarsEdit as good as it can be for the focused task of writing drafts and publishing them to a blog. I can see the appeal of something more like a journaling app or archival app, but those features are probably not going to show up in the near future.

  • I came here today for the express purpose of logging a feature request: Backup my Wordpress Blog.

    Focus is good. I can get with your reasonable assertion that your energies are best spent making MarsEdit the best danged blog entry EDITOR you can.

    On the flipside, I've come to see MarsEdit as my doorway to the content of my blogs. It seemed, frankly, natural that there might be an "Archive this blog" feature. (I checked all the menus and right-clicked everything; there isn't, in case you were wondering. :) )

    Also: You're now the expert on Blog API's. We need you.

    Feature request: Archive a Blog.
    I suppose next they'll want to dearchive it to a different blog. Well, there y'go. Always something.
  • Thanks, dvb ;) I appreciate the desire for an archiving feature and it is definitely on my list. It seems your impression of MarsEdit as the "blog portal" is more and more common (and also leads to requests for e.g. comment management, etc.).

    We'll see where this goes!

  • Just to add my voice and second the request: I am a new user too, and I definitely would like to see MarsEdit offer the possibility to archive the content of a blog. - I am on WordPress, I use WP Time Machine, but nevertheless I would feel more comfortable with the ability to have direct access to my content locally in an interface such as MarsEdit.

    MarsEdit is definitely a wonderful blogging software as it is, and I feel such archiving abilities would just be a logical next step in its development.

    Glad to read you are considering it: thank you!
  • Thanks Viator, for voicing your interest.
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