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MarsEdit for the iPad?

edited January 2010 in MarsEdit
Daniel, I have to ask: will there be a MarsEdit for the iPad? Seems to me that this would be an ideal combination for on-the-move blogging. As personal computing moves inexorably towards the iPhone-inspired gestural interface, isn't this the time to jump in?


  • Hi Stuart, I am definitely excited about the iPad - even more so than I am about the iPhone. So you can bet I'll be considering iPad versions for several of my apps, including MarsEdit.

  • I think the iPad is about consuming content not so much creating it.
  • That's what I thought initially, too, but after working with it for 24 hours, I could definitely see blogging on this. Thanks.
  • I would like to register my vote in favor of developing MarsEdit for the iPad. I have one, and I'd love to be able to use my favorite blogging software on it.

  • khurt said:
    I think the iPad is about consuming content not so much creating it.
    I think this was the original business model "promoted" by Steve Jobs to help separate the iPad from the rest of the netbook/tablet crowd. I think due to the response to this form factor, we'll see a substantial change in attitude about its "purpose" put forth by Apple in the coming months. After seeing the applications being developed for the iPad that focus on production rather than strictly consumption by some big names in the mac software world (OmniGroup, DEVONthink, etc), I think this attitude is echoed by many in the development world. A similar shift in paradigm came after the iPhone...WebOS applications to native apps, etc following user/developer response.

    I also vote for an iPad version of Marsedit.
  • Any News about a MarsEdit Version for the iPad?

    I love MarsEdit3 and i don't like the WordPress App for the iPad, in my eyes the WP App is crap! Hope, you can figure out a way to bring my lovely MarsEdit to iPad. That would be a dream come true. And of course, i would pay for that! ;)

    Greetings from Germany. :D
  • Thanks for the enthusiasm :) I am still planning an iPad version of MarsEdit, but I don't have any news to report yet!
  • Oh jear i am a enthusiast in this, and i can't wait for the MarsEdit iPad App.

    When i unterstand that correct, you are only planning, no work done, right?
  • Hi - I use the word "planning" pretty loosely. It is not meant to imply that I haven't done any of the work yet. In fact I have done quite a bit, but there is still a ton to do.
  • Oh, okay.

    A bit of Work, that is an good beginning, i mean. Is that bit of work so small, that is useless to talk about it? Because you mean, there are a ton to do in the future. A ton and a bit, that is a whole different.

    When you need more enthusiasm, from more people for that iPad app to work on, i will find more. ;)
  • MarsEdit for the iPad would be awesome. I do a lot of preparation for writing my blog on the iPad and then have to actually write it on the MacPro.
  • One more enthusiasm People for an MarsEdit iPad App. ;)
  • Daniel: Just bought Mars Edit! Version 3 makes it the blogging engine I've always dreamed of ... and the promise of an iPad version sealed the deal. I replaced my MacBook Pro with an iMac this week because I really don't need the power (and bulk and short battery life) of a laptop now that I'm working primarily from the iPad. A great blogging app is one of two things still missing from my iPad's arsenal of apps ... so I'm really looking forward to seeing Mars Edit fill that need. Thanks for your work!
  • MarsEdit for iPad would really be amazing, that would make my research paper and essay writing I do on my iPad a lot interesting and fun. Hope to have this one very soon. Can't wait for it. :D
  • For those who see the iPad as a content consumption device, let me say that while I can certainly understand why (and it is) I also think if you were using with it a bluetooth keyboard you not be so quick to dismiss the iPad for content creation.

    If you have an eye-fi card in your camera and/or camcorder then I am not sure what else you need to use the iPad as a more than adequate blogging platform.

    The only thing really missing in my view is a great blog editor (hint).

    I am now using iBlogger from my iPhone which is not a great solution. I may go ahead and get BlogPress to tide me over.

    I tried really hard to not have to carry my laptop and see how far I could get with my iPhone and failed. I would still prefer not have to carry my laptop even thought it is not really that heavy. On my MacBook I only use MarsEdit 3.0 and to be able to jump back and forth between the MacBook and my iPad and know I can leave home with just the iPad (and the BT keyboard) is VERY appealing.

    We never did get the Marsedit iPhone app but I have a funny feeling that the iPad is going to be quite a bit about powerful but light apps that give the iPad enough capability the make it an effective laptop replacement for many users. Given this, I think MarsEdit for iPad is more important than for an iPhone.

    Just my two cents and a roundabout way of saying...yes...please...a MarsEdit for iPad.
  • edited August 2010
    Hi Danial,

    Is there any news on your apps and the ipad? I am really interested with MarsEdit/ipad and echo the thoughts of the first poster who said it would be a great combo for on the move bloggers.
  • Hi Barry - no news to report right now. I will say that I'm kind of in a less productive state right now because I'm in the middle of a move. I hope after I move and settle in I'll be able to start kicking butt on lots of things I've been planning, including the iPad app.
  • I've been waiting for an iPhone version of MarsEdit for at least two years now... It seems like the iPad version is coming along much more quickly! Now, though, I'm waiting for both!

    Another vote for MarsEdit for iPad/iPhone!

  • I'm going to have to bump this topic, and register my enthusiastic support for an iPad version of mars edit. I test drove MarsEdit for all of an hour before switching from ecto which I had been using for 4 years.

    I would love to be able to blog from my iPad (for those that think it's for consumption only, I'm posting this from my iPad ).

    There are really no decent blog clients for iPad, so this would be a huge win!!

  • Hi - thanks for the votes of support, guys! Unfortunately I am not sure when the iPhone or iPad releases will be done. There's always (so far!) something more critical to take care of. Still working on it.
  • Registering my vote for the iPad version of MarsEdit! I'd love to be able to blog on it!

  • And I can say that this device using MarsEdit just help me to finish my custom research paper, because I'm not very fluent in technical devices and electonics.
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  • Another vote for an iPad version of MarsEdit! i just bought MarsEdit and LOVE it, use it to upload to all my Squarespace blogs as well as my other blogs.
  • edited January 2011
    iPad vote here as well. I will beta test or what ever you need. I had heard about MarsEdit but didn't explore it until this week. I am so much more productive and post a lot more using MarsEdit.

    As for the iPad, I do a lot of work on my iPad using the ZaggMate Keyboard Case. Right now I use an app like Ements or iWriter to write the bare bones. I crop etc the picture in the iPad with Photogene, and then I paste it all into the Squarespace app for the iPad and upload it. I usually end up having to go out to the site via my desktop system and change the post a little before I publish.

    An app like MarsEdit would definitely change that and streamline the process. Please, Please, Please!!
  • I love MarsEdit and have been using it for a while. I've tried a lot of blogging software and settled on using MarsEdit because it has the best user experience and all the features I was looking for.

    I am also an iPad user and would love to have this extended over to an iPad version of MarsEdit. I would definitely pay for that as well!
  • Yet another vote here, from a (relatively) longtime user. Especially with the iPad 2 now coming out, I would happily pay good money to be able to blog efficiently without needing my laptop.
  • Yet another vote for the iPad app. I have had the iPad for only three days and it is the single greatest contributor to my work in a long time. I am writing this on my iPad while waiting for My flight at LaGuardia. The iPad, a 4G hotspot, and a messenger bag are with me everywhere I go now. While many consumers use the iPad to do just that, consume, I use it mostly to capture thoughts, track things, and create stuff (writing, music, etc.) I would love to be able to write articles on my blog wherever an idea strikes.

    Please do the iPad version.
  • Thanks, folks, for the continued enthusiasm for an iPad version.
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