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Link field for blogger post

edited February 2010 in MarsEdit
I want to create a blogger post with a link field in the title (to create a podcast, to be more precise).
When I look à MarsEdit "View" options, I see to "Link field" option, greyed and unactivated. Is it possible to activate it ? How ? I did not find the way...
Thank you doe your help

Best regards



  • Hi - the Link field is disabled for Blogger because, as far as I know, they don't support this type of attribute from their API (the interface MarsEdit uses to talk to Blogger).

    Do you know if they support a link field option through the web UI? I can't find it there, either.

  • It is possible to have the link field, if you activate the option through the settings.
    In my french interface, it is under paramètres/Mise en forme/Afficher champ lien
    (possible translation:
    settings / format (Third tab) / Show link field)

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    Best regards
  • Thanks - I will have to look into this. I wasn't aware they had a link field. I will try to find out whether it is accessible through the API.
  • I have a "Title Link" under "Blogger in Draft." I am not sure if they graduated the feature.
  • Count me in for wanting this feature enabled. I use links frequently as my title in Blogger. I'm ready and willing to purchase Mars Edit, but i keep downloading trial versions and finding this isn't yet implemented. Please email when/if it is, and I'll purchase immediately.
  • is there any hope that this will be implemented in the future? I see that you responded to something about it in feb last year, but I'm curious if you have any plans to do it, or maybe its just not even available in the API....
    just curious.
  • Hi rogermugs - there is hope. Unfortunately there is just a huge number of enhancements all vying for my attention. It's on the list but I won't promise that it's going to be done particularly soon.
  • i understand.
    i'll be watching the project and pulling the trigger upon arrival.
    but i do imagine there aren't millions of people using blogger in draft...

    that said... don't think just do. thanks for the response.
  • Any updates on this feature?
    I'll keep checking back periodically.
  • Sorry, I don't have anything to report yet. Please do keep checking back in.
  • still interested in this. love your software... i know people always nitpick about small details... but this really is the only barrier to my purchasing it. any update lately?
  • Sigh, unfortunately not. I do want to look at this again soon, so I'm upping the priority to focus on it again soon. I can't make any promises, because I am not sure off the top of my head if this was actually ever added to the Blogger API, but it's going to get some more attention. I'll keep you posted here. Thanks again for your patience.
  • I have done some research into this again and unfortunately I have not been able to find any indication of support for the title link in the API. Worse, it looks like Blogger is de-emphasizing support for this feature in general, as people seem to be noticing a loss of the field in the newer web interface?

    Those of you who still have this field in the web interface, are you all using the old interface on Blogger?
  • First of all I appreciate that you looked in to it...

    the new blogger interface includes a space for "enclosure links" though a "mime" type has to be included... not sure if thats something that could be easily manipulated to simply be a link field...

    but yes, I have been using the old interface whenever posting a link post...

    would using marsedit and simply including this in the the title work?

    Title of Post here

    or no? seems that's what the stackexchange link you gave says.
  • I tested that from MarsEdit, using explicit markup text in the title, and it didn't work. It would have been a nice workaround, but I guess it only works if you do it from the web interface.

    The enclosure links are different enough from this that I don't think they will work. They are specifically for including e.g. a podcast audio file with the post.
  • Okay, well thanks. I guess at this point I either need to accept the limitation as unsolvable (due to API issues) or switch to another blogging platform (which I'm highly unlikely to do due to pagerank, price, and laziness)....
  • Yeah, it's frustrating. Sorry I don't have a solution for you.
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