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New user to FastScripts - honestly, totally lost

edited February 2010 in FastScripts
FastScripts installed just fine..

its up on the status bar, and all the scripts are present.

Could someone walk me through step by step on how to assign function keys to terminal commands?

Im relatively computer literate, but this is ironically kicking my butt..


  • Hi bangle - sorry it's not more intuitive. It's actually not geared towards running "terminal commands" per se, unless you put those terminal commands in a script of some kind.

    The gist of FastScripts usage is:

    1. Put Scripts of any kind (AppleScript, shell scripts (containing terminal commands, e.g.), etc.) into ~/Library/Scripts
    2. Those scripts show up in FastScripts automatically and you can run or open them from the menu.
    3. Open FastScripts preferences to assign keyboard shortcuts to those scripts.

    So if you have a specific terminal command you want to run, you want to just put them inside a very simple shell script file. If you have an example of a command you want to run, I can show you an example of what that would look like as a shell script file.

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