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Inserting image from URL

edited February 2010 in MarsEdit
This may have been answered but does MarsEdit have an option to insert images using an URL?

I know I could just use the image tag but having it as an option in the Media tab would be a time-saving addition.


  • Hi Patrix - MarsEdit doesn't have any such feature built-in right now. It's something I'm considering adding in the future.

    One solution I've used myself is to add a custom "Paste Image" markup macro (select "Edit…" from the end of of the text markup menu). This makes it easy at least to take a URL from the pasteboard and turn it into a full image tag with a keystroke or selection from the menu.
  • Thanks, Daniel. That helped. Perhaps I should explore the 'Edit' option the text markup menu more.

    But it would be great to have it as an option in the Media tab.
  • My current thought is to add something to the "Catalog" pane that lets you manually add an image by URL to your collection of existing URLs.
  • Yup. That would work too.

    When is the next update coming out? There have been quite a few feature requests in the past few months.
  • If you're not thinking of it already, it would be good to be able to (at least optionally) upload a new copy of an image at a URL, so as not to parasitize someone else's bandwidth. And also to be able to independently edit the image, once that capability exists.
  • Unfortunately I can't comment on release dates, it's too easy to predict it wrong, and then everybody is disappointed. I realized waiting and wondering is also frustrating, but I think this is the best approach.

    jlundell - good point. A trick that works today in 2.4 is you can drag an image in to the uploader window and it will make a copy of the original. So if you see have an image in the browser and you want to upload copy, you can just drag the image to MarsEdit's "drag an image or file here" pane in the uploader.
  • jlundell, I wanted to link to images from my other blog and didn't want to duplicate them on the original server. Personally, I would prefer a Photobucket catalog since I use that as my blog images archive for larger images.

    Daniel, thanks.
  • DJ, thanks. I'll give that a try. Patrix, I'd want the option to go either way. URLs are handy too, since I might have images at Flickr or Picasa or MobileMe that I could point to. But it's not always appropriate.

    I could imagine a common interface for URL-based images, with (say) a checkbox to make a copy.

    And of course image editing....
  • I just wanted to give a +1 to this idea. Currently I use a Textexpander macro to insert the image code. An OK fix but I'd prefer to have it built into MarsEdit. Thanks!
  • Thanks stomptokyo - there has been a little progress on this issue since the last time I wrote on this thread. In current releases of MarsEdit, if you are in RICH MODE you can find an item in the Format menu for "Image From URL…"

    I'm not sure why I didn't add this for HTML Text mode as well. I may have run into some issue or it may have been an oversight. I'm adding it to my TODO list to look into this again.

  • OK, great, I'll keep that in mind. I rarely use rich mode, I've gotten so used to doing everything in HTML text mode.
  • I don't blame you … I still tend to stick to HTML mode too. But Rich mode is getting better and better.
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