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How to make hotkey global?

edited February 2010 in FastScripts
I have a script called 'open home folder', and i assigned a hotkey to it (command shift space) but it only works if I'm already in finder. Is there any way to make the hotkey work if I'm in, say Firefox?


  • Hi - it sounds like you might have stored this script in the Finder-specific script folder. Is it in your

    Scripts/Applications/Finder folder?

    If so, make a copy of the script, or move it to a location outside that Finder-specific folder. For instance, you could put it in:

    Scripts/Global Finder Scripts

    Or any other folder, really. You just can't have it in that "magical" Finder-specific folder or else FastScripts will assume you want the hotkey to only be active while the application is active.

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