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MovableType 5 support

edited March 2010 in MarsEdit

I have the recent MT5 installed on my server. MovableType 5 differs from previous versions regarding the structure of a website and blog.

Maybe it's because of this that, when installing MarsEdit to try it out, your program didn't manage to get any post from my blog.


  • Ok, it managed to get my posts after I found out that I had to change a "blog ID". Still, this is not a very good solution. MovableType5 allows for multiple sites and blogs, and it would be nice to have MarsEdit to get them all from my login.

    Also, I would like to know if MarsEdit could retrieve static pages from MovableType.

  • Hi RJ - sorry for the delay in responding.

    I appreciate the benefit of being able to grab all the blogs from a given login and add them all at once. Adding a feature like this is on my TODO list but I'm not sure when I'll get to it.

    The reason it behaves the way it does is because I've chosen a "home page-driven" approach to configuration as opposed to an account-based approach. I think this works better for a lot of users, especially first time users of the app, but I can definitely see how it's annoying to have to enter multiple blogs for the same site by hand.

    BTW you should be able to just add each blog separately by its home page URL, assuming MT5 is still serving the appropriate "autoconfiguration" information that MarsEdit uses.

  • Hello Daniel,

    In fact, I believe that listing all blogs and sites retrieved from a MT account would be easier. The different blogs and websites could be listed as separate notebooks that could be collapsed with a triangle icon, in the style of MacJournal.

    Also, editing static pages would be a great feature to have on Marsedit.

    Please consider installing MovableType 5 to see for yourself what's new in terms of what it is possible to do nowadays on that platform, and how MarsEdit could be used to manage it locally on the desktop.

    Thanks a lot,
    - Ricardo.
  • Thanks Ricardo, support for static pages are also on my TODO list for MT, assuming their API supports it.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Did MT static page support make it into 3.0? I can't find any reference to it...

    Michael Rowe
  • Hi Michael - I didn't do anything special in 3.0 to support MT pages. I am going to look into what is required to support them.
  • Hi Daniel,

    Any news on support for MT pages?

    I finally got around to paying for an upgrade to 3.1... thanks for all your hard work!

    Michael Rowe
  • Sorry, I don't have any news to report. It's on my list of features to try to add, but it hasn't percolated to the top yet! Feedback like yours (reminders that real users want it) helps keep it fresh in my priorities, though.
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