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Is there a way to invoke one FastScript listing from another?

edited November 2005 in FastScripts
Is there a way, from an AppleScript, to use the key code for another script listed by FastScripts to make it run? The straight-forward approach: tell application "System Events" to key code, etc. doesn't work.


  • edited November 2005
    The key codes work just fine if you use the right codes. Get Full Key Codes for the right ones; they are not the ASCII codes, they are the codes a keyboard generates.
  • In a future release, I'd like to add a "run script" command to FastScripts' own dictionary. This would allow you to get the benefits of FS's script-running method without having to fake a keystroke.
  • That would be great. Then you could grab bits and pieces to assemble a quickie script from parts of others. Something like this:

    tell application "FastScripts" to run script "myScriptName" [with parameters {P1 : abc, P2 : def}]

    would do it all.
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