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Brainstorming: image panel

edited March 2007 in MarsEdit
For the past year, I've been frightened to use the spartan interface of the image uploading utility. It's difficult to explain, but it was oddly intimidating. That may be because it, like every other window, seems to be islands unto themselves – it appears to not be hooked to the main editing window.

How I've got my ME workflow setup is I have the three main panes set up with the MarsEdit window on the left, the working post in the middle, and the preview on the right. As it works now, the only time the preview window shows up is when the draft is open (which is correct, since you can't preview something that isn't there). The image panel, because it's independent of any draft, but would hook into any open post, can be open independently, confusing underachievers like me.

Here's what I thought about when I was looking at the Image & Files panel:

1. It'd be nifty if it was more tied to the edit window
2. If it's not going to be tied to the edit window (I can see how that could be a problem), maybe adding "Upload" to the "Upload & Insert"
3. Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, and everybody else have their own schemes for upload archiving, and it would be neat if ME was aware of that, and gave you the option of filling in the default upload paths (or it had a drop-down menu)
4. If there was any place to put something like FlickIt, that'd be the place

I just started using MarsEdit earlier this year, and I'm still kicking myself for not using it earlier. Having a responsive developer only makes it seem that much better.


  • Thanks for the feedback. I am with you on the "strangely intimidated" front. I think at first I didn't use the upload facility because I didn't have WordPress set up to handle it, and then because I didn't want to face the perceived learning curve in MarsEdit.

    You make some good points and I'm adding them to my plans file for 2.0, which is probably where this type of overhaul will end up happening.

    Glad you're enjoying your new ME life :)

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